Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first born will be graduating from High School in 16 days! I’m thinking I'm not ready for this. Armed forces recruiters keep calling the house asking to speak to him. I still see him playing Super Mario Brothers, riding his skateboard, playing soccer, drinking Capri Sun, and watching Ren and Stimpy. I have a hard time reconciling the young man in the cap and gown with the child I walked down the hall to his first day of kindergarten (which I vividly recall with startling clarity although I have trouble remembering what I cooked for dinner last night!). *sigh* I am so proud of him , but at the same time wish they didn’t grow up so fast! And they do grow up waaay to quickly.
This is Prom Night. Yes. I did ask him what he was thinking with that arm thrown over her shoulder! They are a cute couple. She is by far the sweetest girl he has dated. We like her.

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